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Traveling with a Hedgehog

Traveling with a Hedgehog

When you're planning to go on vacation it can be very difficult to find someone to take care of your pets while you're gone and some of you might not want to leave them with someone else. This is especially a problem with hedgehogs, because they're very sensitive and naturally shy, little animals. What's special about them is that they get very used to their owner and remain super shy towards everyone else. Many you know this, which is why I've been getting a lot of requests to write a blog post on this topic and to explain how I travel with my hedgehog. Traveling with Pokee started when I decided to go abroad for a semester. At that point Pokee was already super tame and used to me but generally shy towards others. Leaving him with my family or a friend for 5 months was never an option for me. Which is why I needed to take him with me, yet I had to figure out a way to provide similar housing without having to bring all his heavy equipment.

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Belly Rubs: Wie man einen Igel zähmt

Wie man einen Igel zähmt

Vom Stachelball zu Belly-Rubs: Hier lernst du, wie du deinen Weißbauchigel zähmst.


Auf Social Media Plattformen, wie Facebook, Instagram oder Youtube, sieht man sie immer vermehrter: Weißbauchigel, die so zahm sind, dass sie sich von ihren Besitzern sogar stundenlang den Bauch kraulen lassen. Dabei fragen sich viele von euch sicherlich, so wie ich damals auch: ‘Wie schaffen die das nur?’ Als ich Pokee mit seinen acht Wochen damals beim Züchter abgeholt habe, war er alles andere als zahm. Bei jeder kleinsten Bewegung zuckte er zusammen und fauchte mich an. Jedes Mal, wenn ich versuchte ihn aus seinem Terrarium herauszunehmen, rollte er sich zu einer Kugel, sodass es mir fast unmöglich war.


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Belly Rubs: How to tame a Hedgehog

How to tame a Hedgehog

Spikeball to Belly Rubs: Here you'll learn how to tame your hedgehog.


You see them everywhere on social media platforms, whether YouTube, Facebook or Instagram: Pet hedgehogs enjoying belly rubs by their owners. This probably makes you wonder, how they get their hedgehogs to be this tame and relaxed. Here's how they do it.

When I picked Pokee up at the breeder in Germany, he was only eight weeks old and anything but tame. Whenever I dared to move my hand toward him he would wince and hiss at me. Every time I tried to take him out of his terrarium, he curled up into a ball and made it almost impossible for me to touch him.



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