Yummy, yummy, yummy

Hedgehogs need to have a certain weight to ensure they remain healthy. You need to regularly check their weight and be careful not to over or under feed them.


Dry Cat Food

It has to be taken into account, that dry cat food should contain a high proportion of meat (>60%). For that reason food from a discount store isn't appropriate for hedgehogs. It is best to get the premium kinds, because these contain the highest proportion of meat. However, since the premium food can be quite expensive and not affordable for everyone, they can be mixed up with mid-range kinds (e.g. Sanabelle or Josera). If you decide to do this, you just need to keep in mind that the percentage of meat is not as high and therefore feed more bugs and meat besides the dry food. I don't know, whether or not these brands are available where you live, but it doesn't matter much which kind you decide for. Just remember the minimum proportion of meat and check the ingredients on the food you're about to buy. 



Insects are super important for hedgehogs. Even though they can look quite nasty to some of you, your hedgehog is going to thank you for for feeding them. You can buy all different kinds of insects at a pet store and freeze them. Some hedgehogs don't like to eat them while they move, so it can be helpful to store them in your fridge, which will make them slow down.


You may feed the following bugs:

  • cockroaches
  • grasshoppers
  • crickets
  • meal worms (you shoudn't feed these too often - only use them as goodies)

You can feed the insects with fresh apples and oat flakes, because they are rich on vitamins and other ingredients.



Additionally, you can feed them meat, which you can also order online from specialized shops.