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A hedgehog terrarium should always be wooden! The main reason for that is the temperature. Wood is the only material that stores warmth. Therefore, glass or plastic is not at all suitable for hedgehogs.


Another reason is that they are nocturnal. They sleep during the day and like to avoid light. Wood ensures that it stays as dark as possible inside the terrarium during the day.


Additionally, hedgehogs are naturally very shy little creatures. When they feel permanently observed, they tend to be uncomfortable and unrelaxed, which then causes them to react grumpy towards you. It will be a lot harder to get your hedgehog used to yourself, when using a glass terrarium.


Also, a cage with grids can be very dangerous for their little feet. Hedehogs love to climb, altough they aren't very good at it. Therefore, it's possible that they hurt their little feet while trying to climb up the grids.


Last but not least, the door of the terrarium should be at eye-level and possible to open from the front, not the top. This is mainly because the enemy comes from above. Also, it is much harder to place your hand in front of him and take him out from the top.


This is an example of what a (self-made) hedgehog terrarium can look like:


Explanation on "How to build a hedgehog terrarium" coming coon!!


The terrarium should have the minimum size of 120x60x60cm // 50x25x25inches for a single hedgehog. If you want to keep two hedgehogs together, the minimum size is 150x60x60cm // 60x25x25cm. (Note: this is only possible with female hedgehogs)


The temperature is very important as well. Keep in mind that it can never be cooler than 18 degrees Celsius // 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If the minimum temperature isn't given it is possible that your hedgehog lapses into torpor, even though African pygmy hedgehogs naturally don't hibernate. 



Depending on the size of your terrarium, one or two extra levels can be a very useful addition to the  base area. The levels should also be made of wood and you need to mind the spacing between the individual levels. They shouldn't be too far apart from each other.



Hedgehogs love hideouts. They try to avoid light and like it warm and comfy. Additionally, they like to switch their sleeping locations and therefore should have as many different hideouts as possible. 



There should be two seperate bowls, one for water and the other for the dry cat food. Hedgehogs usually don't use drinking bottles. Make sure the bowls are always clean and exchange the water and food once a day.



Read more at the extra section 'Bath'.



Put some litter on the floor and the levels of the terrarium.



Other than hamsters, hedgehogs use plates, not wheels to run on. You can build them yourself, order them online or depending on where you live buy them in a pet store. However, they shouln't always be in the cage. Therefore, I sugggest to take the runner out every other day.



To ensure the minimum temperature is given at all times you can either use a heating mat or lamp. You can order both on Amazon. I don't suggest you to get an infrared lamp, because these emit light, which hedgehogs rather avoid. Even though their eyes aren't very good, they might still recognize the weak light. As a consequence they might shy away and not show themselves as often.