Find out what's best for your hedgehog

Hedgehogs aren't the easiest pets to handle. There are several things you need to know before getting one. First of all, hedgehogs need privacy, too! They get grumpy and uncomfortable if they feel like someone is watching them. So they should have a big wooden enclosure to keep them safe and warm. And, just like some humans, hedgehogs need to watch their weight! I have to be careful not to over or under feed Pokee… and to regularly check how much he weighs! You should also bear in mind that hedgehogs are active at night… which basically means they make loud noises all night long. So you should have enough space at home to have your hedgehog's terrarium in a different room than the one you sleep in!


All in all, you need a lot of patience to keep a hedgehog. They aren't easy to tame and it takes a while until they get used to you... They also poop and pee everywhere - especially in the beginning! Here you find all the basic information about pet hedgehogs in English and German.